About The Artist

Kathy Griffiths (nee Nelson) was born and raised in Victoria, BC.  She has been sculpting glass since 1978. Imagination and requests keep creativity flowing in her glass creations.Formerly a tour director, Kathy traveled coast to coast in Canada and the United States. Reno, being a big tour favorite of Victorians, enabled Kathy to meet the Nelson family of glassblowers of Virginia City, where she later trained and apprenticed. Although not related, the Nelson family and Kathy are very close.

Kathy operates her cottage industry, with husband Glen, from a lovely studio in Gleniffer Lake, Alberta. Her work, which has been taken all over the world, is sold through shows, fine stores and is now available on the Web.

Speaking From Her Heart:  KathyGriffiths.com came from a desire to create original art. My fascinations with glass sculpting stems from a childhood where I would watch for hours, a person making glass ornaments. Though I have worked with glass for over 34 years, I am still fascinated by the beauty and joy that comes from creating art with glass. This experience is enhanced, whenever I watch others in awe as a piece evolves from a rod of glass to the finished product. I now travel to Murano, Italy and study with the Masters. Working with the Luccio Bubacco in Italy has expanded my perception of what can be done in glass.  Luccio is a master in figures and this has taught me to create detailed and life-like sculptures. I am now teaching in Alberta and check the Web site for further information.

All my work is created with a torch. Pieces are done free hand so that no two are exactly alike. This process is called Flame working or Glass Sculpturing. Many pieces are mounted on Brazilian Amethyst or Agate.

Each piece goes from the workbench to a kiln to be annealed. This process allows the stress to be removed and strengthens the piece. Each piece is wrapped and boxed for shipping. I enjoy working with clients and companies on their special requests so if you have any please email me.